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A Consulting Company  for  Business and Project Development

Sinolux is an international business and project development company created in 2006 in China.

One focus of Sinolux lies in the industrial development of Western companies in China and gives guidance and support to new comers into the Asian world.

Based on its over 40 years of professional experience in Asia out of which 20 years in China and the rest in Southeast Asia, Sinolux has acquired an indepth knowledge of the local procedures and project implementation approaches. Sinolux went with its customers through project evaluation, licensing and implementation steps for over 35 projects in Asia.

Sinolux is also involved in commercialization of technologies and teamed up with first class international strategic partners.

Sinolux likes to extend its gratitude to all customers, business partners and friends for their support during this 18 year long exciting journey.

Revised: 26.04.2022