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Strategic Partners

In order to broaden and deepen the existing quality and scope of its services Sinolux choose to co-operate with eminent strategic partners


CICC, Chinese Consultant to Chinese State Council, provides industrial planning research and engineering consulting, investment consulting and evaluation in the petroleum and chemical sector all over China. Prepares long-term and medium-term development plans for Chinese petroleum, chemical and coal to chemical industry. http://www.ciccc.cn 

  • Xiamen University Malaysia

Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) is an oversea campus of Xiamen University and is also the first and currently solely oversea campus of Chinese Universities. The School of Energy and Chemical Engineering was established in April 2016 and has two academic programmes offered in this School: (1) Bachelor of Engineering in New Energy Science and Technology and (2) Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with Honours. The PhD and Master for both subjects are applying. The researches in the school are mainly on solar cell material and technologies, fuel-cell, catalysis, membrane, biomass usage etc. We are delighted to receive industrial collaborations as well as funding for our research. http://www.xmu.edu.my

  • The Poerner Group

The Pörner Group is the leading independent engineering contractor for process plants in Central Europe, with principal engineering offices in Vienna, Austria.

With over 45 years of experience in the process industry, Pörner employs more than 500 engineers and specialists at eight subsidiaries, in five countries. The company offers a full range of  services for both new and refurbished process plants. http://www.poerner.at

  • DBI-Virtuhcon

DBI-Virtuhcon is a Germany based operator of gasification pilot plants. It offers experimental and computational services with a focus on high temperature/ high pressure conversion processes of coal (all ranks), biomass, petcoke, waste, etc. Its core competence is the production of syngas, synthetic fuels, SNG and base chemicals by means of gasification and pyrolysis. DBI-Virtuhcon offers the whole range from lab scale over bench scale to pilot and demo scale experiments, as well as process chain simulation and CFD simulation. Ultimately, it offers design and basic engineering for several types of gasifiers, POX units, pyrolysis reactors and equipment such as burners.http://www.dbi-virtuhcon.de

  • Kinetic Emergy  (Dr. Thomas Steve Wittrig)

Model industrial scale energy & manufacturing technologies as modules that can be assembled into regional systems & global value chains. These technologies generally benefit from the very large scale of energy and primary materials markets.

There are synergies among these technologies from byproduct flows, heat/exergy optimization and system flexibility tailored to markets & regional resources availability. They can all benefit greatly from common infrastructure, logistics and workforce. As these technologies melt into large ecosystems, the learning curve will be accelerated by optimization of interfaces, intermediates & engineering.

The analogy to these systems is the development over the past 80 years of today's modern refinery. Major unit operation (e.g., cat cracking, reforming, hydrotreating) in tightly coupled systems that flex with regions, supplies and markets. https://www.likedin.com/in/SteveWittrig/