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Strategic Partners

Business Development Services

Since its creation Sinolux has successfully installed many Western companies in China by giving them support in marketingplan, businessplan, decisions to invest in China, choice of legal entity and hiring quilified personnel.

Project Development Services:

Through the number of projects implemented Sinolux could develop a strong network in the Chinese engineering, research and licensing/approval world. An impressing number of "Grey Eminences" and "Chinese Academicians" count among its advisors and friends and strategic partners:

     - Developmennt of Coal to Chemicals Projects with strategic, Partner CICC
     - Licensing, Process design and Process engineering, Partner The Poerner Group                             - Innovative concepts, Partner Kinetik Emergy                                                                                      - Process research and engineering, Partner DBI-Virtuhcon          
     - Project and Process evaluation, Partner Xiamen University Malaysia

Technology Transfer Services

On July 2017 the International High Tech Innovation Center has been created by Xiamen University, Industry and Sinolux as shareholders. This center serves as a platform for technology transfer in both directions, from and to China, and will hold offices in Xiamen and Aschaffenburg. This center is created under the umbrella of the China High-Tech Industry Promotion Society.